Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Well, That's It

We come to the end (almost) of Summer 2022. This has been dismal Summer for us out here in Nor Cal. 

I did a post on June 12th of our trip to Upper Lake. Found a few things with the magnet and caught the first fish of the year. 

That trip and the one up Highway 4 was it for the year. We had reservations for Upper Lake the last week of this month, but had to cancel because of my son being worked to death (pretty normal for his job) and my being between 4 or possibly 5 surgeries. I've already had two and am working through infections until I can finally get the Gall Bladder out. 

When I changed the name of this blog to the "Wandering Gimp" I was walking with a cane because of the arthritis in my lower lumbar region of my back. 

I now use a walker and at times a wheelchair. I don't believe the back is getting worse, I think it's not being able to get around enough to keep the back muscles flexible as they should be.

Unfortunately until the Gall Bladder is gone and body healed, can't do very much because of all those little knots surrounded with gobs of tape and gauze that come with surgery. 

Until this happens, I sit and read posts, watch YouTube, play Solitaire, and do crossword puzzles. And of course the more I sit, the harder it is to stand. I do what I can to help my wife (and wingman) maintain the house, but compared to before, it's a pittance. 

I've gotten a couple emails from Alex in Ukraine, but since I didn't get much response about posting them, I'm just hanging on to them and if something is worth passing on, I will. 

Alright, I'm off to the garage to cut up cardboard boxes for the recycle truck on Thursday. 

Ya'll be safe out there. I'll post if anything exciting happens. 


  1. Mark
    Keep your spirits up my friend, and know you have your mind to keep you connected with everything going on around you. My greatest fear as I get older is developiing alzheimer's, my Dad lived a couple of years after he got the disaese. He never knew when he got his first social security
    Don't give up on getting in the camper and still making some lake trips----take care

  2. Nice post thank you Stacey