Monday, September 26, 2022

A Short Note From Alex In Ukraine

I would never have thought that I would be so much involved in the medical world.

It all started at the end of March when my friends, dr. Judah Slawkowkskiy , a surgeon from Chicago,  wanted to help his Ukrainian colleagues.

Dr. Judah brought not only his knowledge and skills, but he brought encouragement and hope. This was the time when the whole world realized the brutality of this war, when the crimes of Bucha and Irpin became open for the world media.

Since that dr. Judah came three more times to Ukraine to teach surgeons from Lviv, Ternopil and Kyiv to teach them blood stopping techniques and bullet/fragments removal from hard accessible areas.

Judah is very helpful and is my resource in all my medical questions.  He explained with napkins and pencils the difference between Force Triad generator and Harmonica and what cables I need to look for to make these devices fully functional.

When I met Judah a couple weeks ago, I made a comment about his beard. His answer strokes me. He said: “I’m leaving for Afghanistan, Alex, Just a few weeks I will be in Kabul. God is calling me to help people there” I was astonished and petrified. This is a country which is run by the Taliban, where Americans are not welcomed. Think for a moment!

He is coming with two Italian and one Dutch doctor as a part of a medical mission, where they will spend six months training Afghan doctors and receive patients. Please pray for dr. Judah and his mission!

My new challenge was to get another type of surgical generator, Harmonica. I was requested by my Ukrainian surgeons to help them with this. It was a challenge to find the device and get the money.

Thank God I got more money than I needed and I was able to get even more stuff for my friends in Ukraine.

I think helping to equip the hospitals is very crucial. It will impact many people's lives now and in future.

Another benefit is that I made such good relations with the medical community in Zhytomyr, that I was able to help a lonely widow from Zhytomyr.  Her name is Maria and she is a neighbor of my in-laws. She complained about heart problems often. She could not get any help from her physician. Unfortunately, medical service and attitude toward the elderly people leaves much to be desired.

I called dr.Vitalliy, who is a director assistant of the largest hospital in Zhitomir oblast and Maria was seen next day by the best cardiologist in the oblast!

Thank you all,


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