Monday, September 5, 2022

The War In Ukraine Rages On

The last contact I've had from Alex in Ukraine was on August 8th as I mentioned in the last post. 

I waited another couple days and still nothing. 

So I took a chance and sent an email to Alex just to see if he's OK. 

Here's his answer:

Hello Mark,

I'm better than I deserve. I'm safe and I'm still in Poland. I'm trying to help to coordinate humanitarian help from here. We are in the process with my friends and colleagues from Polish Origins ( to start a non-profit to continue our efforts to help the cause in Ukraine.
The war in Ukraine can last longer than most of us expected and what will be with Ukraine after the war will be a huge, huge challenge.

Thank you for your concerns. May God bless you and I wish you quick recovery!


Alex's family is in Poland and I would guess that's where he's at. I was glad to hear. Should I get more information I'll pass it along. 

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  1. Mark
    Glad to hear Alex's family is ok--whatever the outcome, it will take decades for the country to recover, it will never recover if Russia wins!