Saturday, October 29, 2022

Northern California Trout Is Back

 I just returned home from two surgeries. The doctor who removed (yes it's gone) (surgery #1) the Gall Bladder was the head of the surgery Department at Sutter Hospitals in Sacramento. One would ask how did this lowly Trout fisherman got the Best of the Best surgeon to "getter done". 

Well, I had so much infection in my body that, as you previously read, the best was needed and it's not what you know, but who you know. 

And with that surgery, went all the back pain I've been experiencing for the last ???? years. Now all I have to do is recover.

The second surgery was that ever present stent in the Bile Duct. While the doctor was in there, he noticed it was blocked so I went into surgery Thursday evening and they replaced the stent (to be removed in 6 weeks). 

While I'm still gimping around, but with no back pain, I will be back fishing as soon as all this is wrapped up. 

I have to tell you, the nursing staff at Sutter is awesome. A lot of nurses operate on the "bull in the china shop" mode. Not these. They listened when I told them I would get myself up, but stayed close "just in case". I can't commend them highly enough. 

So, I'm going to recover, get the stent removed, and find out if the infection in my spine is still there. All that is required is an MRI and hopefully be back on the lake mid-November. 

Since it's November (next Tuesday) I'll be ready for Camanche and those Mt. Lassen Rainbows. 

Stay tuned.