Sunday, November 20, 2022

Almost Fishing

Sorry to say that I'm not recovering as fast as I'd like to. 

I thought about going out to Camanche North Shore yesterday. I ordered a new six pack of Power Bait and got it on Wednesday. I'm itching to go, BUT. 

I'm still not as stable as I was even before all these surgeries so fishing will have to wait a little longer. 

Adding to that, I have four months of yard work that needs catching up on. I can do that although I can only put in a half hour or so a day. 

In the last week, I've removed the dead plants in the garden (we've had a couple good freezes) and I'm in the process of giving a couple bushes "hair cuts". 

This Winter we're planning on moving the garden off the "hill" down onto the flat ground you see at the bottom of the picture.  


Trying to negotiate the hill at our ages, is just not feasible anymore. We've tripped and fallen too many times and we just can't afford to fall anymore. 

So until I'm steadier, I'm going to forgo the rocky shoreline of Northshore Camanche.   

One would say, "That's not so bad.", but I've come close, in the past, to slipping and falling on the rocks. Again, can't fall. You'll understand this as you get older. 

The last time I fell (in the living room), about 4 months ago, it took me the better part of three hours to get off the floor. Granted, most of the problem was I was sweating like crazy and couldn't get any traction, but three hours is three hours. On top of that, my doctor wormed this out of me and had me do a Cat Scan and an MRI to make sure nothing in the hard German head was damaged. As it turned out, all was well. 

All that said, I will be back fishing, I'm just not sure how soon. 

Stay tuned. 

Oh yeh, the last surgery finally removed the problem Gall Bladder (I think I already mentioned this), but I also wanted say that since then I've had NO back pain. Back pain is something I've lived with for many years because of the Gall Bladder going bad and according to the doctor that removed it, it was bad.   

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