Monday, March 27, 2023

Here We Go Again

We've had 3 days of sun. I've almost finished the installation of the walkway in the garden area of the back yard. 

From where the pathway ends almost to the top of this picture, it extends to the right out to the gate. I'll do a picture when it's finished hopefully a little later this morning. 

I'm trying to beat the next storm that's coming tomorrow. This is a somewhat unique storm as it's two low pressure systems converging into one and then slamming us. One from the North bringing cold air, one from the South bringing moisture. What does that mean? A whole lot of rain down country where we live and a whole lot of snow upcountry. Just when those around the Tahoe area are finally digging out, they're about to be buried again. 

So, have I been fishing, magnet fishing, or metal detecting? Nope. 

I've been trying to finish the pathway whenever we've had a clear day. Unfortunately I just don't have the energy to "get'r done" as Larry the cable guy would say. I can put in about 3 hours and then I'm shot for the day. Here's an example: Yesterday I went to Lowes and picked up 3 more bags of sand. I'm using playground sand for leveling the pavers. Each bag weighs 50 pounds dry, but I haven't seen a dry bag for weeks. When they're wet just from moisture in the air, they weigh about 80 pounds. Kind of hard to move around one handed. My other hand is on my cane. So after I got the 3 bags into the back yard via the Gorilla Cart (you should get one) I installed 4 more pavers. At that point, I was done for the day. 

Now I'm at the point where I only have a small area to cover. Since the pavers are 18x18, I have to "cut" them down to size. I'm not paying $60 or $70 dollars for a saw blade to cut two or three concrete pavers, so I'm using the old chisel method. Works great splitting them in half along the crease, but doesn't work at all cutting them down to a 7 inch x 18 piece. Subsequently I've demolished 3 as they split exactly where I don't want them to. 

So on to Plan B. I'll section them off with edging and fill in the small space with gravel. The Gorilla Cart will roll over it and so will the green recycle can. Then I can move the last planter and get the watering system on line. It's getting close to planting time. 

Maybe I can even sneak in a day of fishing soon. 

Stay tuned.      


  1. Mark
    The walk way looks professional! Just curious what are all those rock piles up at the top of the image? How many planters are you going to use this year? This year will be my first time to use raise planters. I am starting with two.

  2. Hi Bill. The rocks in front are "decoration". Cemented in, so hard to remove. The ones at the top are from the front yard when we removed the Junipers around the mail box. Came in handy when we did the "solarization" of the front by holding down the plastic for two months to kill grass/weeds/etc. We'll use all 5 planters. We found some tomato plants require two to a planter otherwise you can't get the tomatoes out. We also use fencing to hold up the tomatoes. When we plant, I'll do a post on what we put in.