Monday, March 6, 2023

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

OK, we've been hit hard with the rain and snow. 

Jackson's elevation is 1200 ft. above sea level.

In California you measure the amount of snow you'll get by the elevation you're standing at. 

My son Ken lives at 3200 ft. He got about a foot, as you can see in the photo below on 2/27/2023. 

On the other hand, we at 1200 ft. got dusted as you can see in the 3 photo's below. 

Not to be outdone, the passes (Donner Summit on Highway 80, Echo Summit on Highway 50, and Carson Pass on Highway 88 got about 10 feet. But keep in mind as you read further, that the passes are at or around 7000 ft. The higher you go, the more snow you get. 

So then I get an email from my son showing me his truck on 3/1/2023 after he had cleared the driveway the previous day. Damn good thing he's a lot younger than me. I couldn't shovel that. 

But, we got our share. When we woke (that's not the political bullshit that the Republicans are throwing around) up on 3/1/2023 we had about 2 inches on the ground that fell overnight as the little bit from 2/27 was gone. 

The passes are currently sitting at about 15 or more feet of snow. Many are stranded and can't get out. One would think the snow plows would come by and clean the roads, but a lot of those people live on dirt roads way back in the nowhere and their roads have never seen a snow plow. Then again some of those at, say 7000 ft. are having trouble just finding their buried vehicles.

See what I men. That's somebody's house.

Which brings us to today. 7am this morning the sun (I think it was the sun as we've not seen the sun in 
about a millennium or seems like it) was shining only to be replaced by clouds and rain by about 2pm. this afternoon. 

According to the National Weather Service Guessers, we can expect some type of rain everyday through March 20th and who knows how far beyond. 

That type of forecast is putting a major crimp on my 3 hobbies (fishing, Metal Detecting and Magnet Fishing). I've purchased a metal detector to go along with my magnet fishing gear. If you've watched any of these guys or gals on YouTube you'll notice they also use a "pinpointer". It's a hand held metal detector about the size of a banana. I got one of them too. I'm ready and raring to go, if it will ever stop raining. 

The picture below is a Pancky model PK0075. Most say this is a good one for a rookie. That's me. It got 4.3 out of 5 rating by 3144 people. It has all the goodies for finding metal from a pop top to a gold nugget using the all metal mode. They also say it can find a quarter at the depth of 10 inches. Must be the reason they included a cool little shovel in a belt holster.       

Maybe I'll find something that qualifies as treasure. I've already found a bunch of "junk" magnet fishing including the top portion of a fishing rod and an active 410 shotgun shell. Who knows what's around the next corner.  

So stay tuned for the life and times of a gimping old guy. 

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