Monday, May 1, 2023

Complete The Garden Before The Rain, Again

Once again we're expecting rain for about the next four days. Not the atmospheric rivers like before, but probably enough to make everything wet. 

So I raced to get the garden planted and finish hooking up the drip irrigation system.   

We also make use of the pots scattered around the back yard. In the first picture, the pot on the left will have Cilantro or as some call it Coriander. 

Looks like this:

It's planted from seeds that's why you don't see anything yet.

The pot on the right is Parsley. When you're as good a cook as my wife is, you have spices all over the place. We have a pot of Sage too.  

Every year we have a "trial" planting of some sort. This year it's the pepper plant below. It's called "Spicy Jane". 

Peppers are rated on the Scoville scale. 

Mild 100 - 2500
Medium hot 2500 - 30,000
Hot 30,000 to 100,000
Above 100,000 stay close to the toilet. 

The Spicy Jane above is rated 30,000+

Next on the list is the raised bed below. In the front Summer Sandwich tomato (large for sandwiches). Middle is a Habanero Pepper (100,000 to 300,000 Scoville) purchased by mistake. It was in a tray marked Jalapeno. Far end is a Roma tomato. We use this one for Salsa. 

In this bed are Cherokee Purple (large sandwich) and Sun Sugar (cherry) tomatoes.

In the triangle bed there are 5 bush bean plants (last year this was one of our trial plants) and in the back, cucumbers to climb up the rack. 

In this bed in the front left is Poblano Pepper (1000 - 2000 Scoville) and in the back Japanese Eggplant. 

Last, but not least is bed #4. On the right side are purple or red (how ever you call them) onions. Left side is a row are carrots (another trial from last year) and in the middle Green Onions (another trial from last year) not to be confused with the song by Booker T & the MG's. Sorry, might be a little before your time. 

Still have to get a Jalapeno Pepper for the space between the Poblano & Eggplant and hook up two more drip lines, but for the most part, garden is ready. Just need some more sunny days like we've had for the last week or so. 

I don't have any fishing to report. I guess I'm not recovering as fast as I thought I would. Still in a good deal of pain. Pain medication not helping with the Arthritis much. Talked to my doctor on the 18th of last month and she said she could change to a stronger pain med, but would be right back where I'm at now, in about 6 months. Didn't see the point of changing. 

To tell you the truth, my balance is so bad, I'm afraid to even go out to North Shore Camanche for fear of falling on the rocky shore.

Maybe I'll get better soon. Stay tuned.   


  1. Mark
    I thought I had raised gardens until I read this post. How long have you been using these planters? There will likely be enough vegetables to share with the neighbors. Do you stick any of the tomato plants? I'm impressed with all the work you have put into this project.
    As for the fishing, don't go until you feel you can make the trip without falling-----take care

    1. Hi Bill. Look at the pictures and on the right or left of each box is a fencing of a sort held with stakes and zip strips. On single tomatoes, an 18" round "fence" and on the box with two, a "fence" goes around the whole box. The "fence" is 5 feet tall and as the tomatoes get that tall, I give them a "hair cut". If you need more info, email me and I'll give you a better explanation.

  2. The fence is something I am thinking about using; I have a five ft. stake by each plant right now ---the only problem with the stake is having to constantly tieing the limbs up.