Saturday, May 13, 2023

Do You Believe?

Back in 1968 and 1969 I belonged to a club called "The California Varmint Callers Association". The objective of the club was to eliminate varmints (coyotes, bobcats, foxes, etc.) that preyed on the young sheep, in conjunction with the California Wool Growers Association.

We hunted on weekends as we all worked real jobs during the week. We would leave from a "check in" place onFriday night and hunt in the high desert between San Bernardino, California and the Nevada State line. The hunting took place at night using spotlights and high powered rifles. This was before spotlighting was outlawed around 2006. 

How it worked was one person with a spotlight would stand in the back of a pickup truck lighting the area just above the ground and when a set of "eyes" were seen, the other person would take a shot. The third (there were always 3 to a team) person would be the driver. 

One night while I was lighting by my self (the other two lazy bums were in the warm cab) I noticed, in the distance, 3 red lights in a triangle. They would spin around, then stop, then spin again, and stop. This went on for about 5 minutes. We were near Edwards Air Force Base and I didn't make much of it. Kind of forgot about it. 

That is until I came across a YouTube Channel story about UFO's and Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert of California. Then my brain started to wonder. What did I see all those years ago?

Today I'm listening to a YouTube Channel called Wartime Stories. They are talking about 3 people who saw 3 red lights in a triangle in the night sky. The first one was near Fort Knox, Kentucky. The second one near central part of the state of Maine. The third one was near Edmond, Alberta, Canada.   

Boy, that made me sit up and take notice. Of course, I went out on the net and searched 3 red lights in a triangle and sure enough there are a bunch of stories. BUT, those 3 red lights are not what I saw. Mine were close together and spun around. The ones on the net were not so close together, and just bopped around in the sky. 

Of course I'll never know, but I am a believer in UFO's. After all how can there be hundreds of billions of planets out there and we're the only planet with intelligent life? I think not. 

Are you a believer?    

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  1. Mark
    I agree with every word you've typed about UFOs. I think UFOs have already visited us. I also believe the public is not getting the whole story about UFOs.
    Years ago, my older brother and I would try to call up bobcats and coyotes at night near our house using a distraction called imitating a wounded animal. Sorry to say we never had any luck seeing a bobcat or coyote. I can't believe that over 60 years ago!