Thursday, June 15, 2023

Camping Hendy Woods State Park

The first time I went to Hendy Woods State Park was on August 8, 2014. That was my birthday by the way. I turned 67 that year and was still mobile. You can take a look at the place they call Big Hendy Woods here. It's a bit of a hike and some really BIG trees. 

We got to out camp site at 3:15 pm on Sunday. Being a gimp and having one of those cool blue cards you hang on your rear view mirror, puts me in an ADA (American Disability Act) category and gives us a camping spot with an electric hookup. All the other sites are dry camping. The electricity is for people with a CPAP or a BPAP (one of those gizmo's you put over your nose when you sleep so you can breath correctly) or folks that just need electricity.  

Two things I liked about this site was the concrete slab for your camping chair or if you're regulated to a wheelchair rather than sitting in the dirt. The other thing is the picnic table has a elongated end for those in wheel chairs to snug up to the table.  

The picture below shows the electric hookup. At other campgrounds that have electric, the plug is mostly within a couple feet of where your trailer or motorhome is parked. This was just a few inches short of our electric cord. And if you look beyond, you can see a concrete walkway that you can wheelchair over to the flush toilet bathrooms. I'm sure you've all experienced those lovely vault toilets in most camp grounds. 

Being here gave me a chance to breakout my new metal detector I showed you in the post dated March 5th. You can see it Here. It was raining then, then I was trying to get the garden ready for Spring planting and then it was raining again and raining some more. 

Then I had my chance. I had one of those epiphany's I have every once in so often. There is some open area behind our house that belongs to the city. Everybody uses it as a cut through from one street to another. There is a nice worn path. I thought I'd just run the metal detector over it and see if anyone lost anything. Nope not a peep. 

So at the camp site I started around the trailer and my first find with the new metal detector was an old, beat to crap, bottle cap (see picture below). After that I got a few hits, but since this detector tells you how deep it is, most seemed to be 3 to 6 feet down. No one is going to dig a hole that deep without dynamite or a Jack Hammer. The dirt is like concrete. 

Then I went to the site across the street (if you can call it that). Ran the detector around where their tent was and then back out toward the "street". I got a hit, found the quarter in the picture below, then another hit, one dime, and another hit and another dime.      

Then I crossed to the site next to us and covered the whole thing. Got a few of those 3 to 6 foot hits, but nothing else. It wasn't much but I was excited. 

There is a river by the campground (Navarro River), but the only fish are Salmon and Steelhead in the Fall & Winter. Besides it would be hard to fish as there were a bunch of people swimming and the climb just to get down there would be a killer for this lame Geezer. 

I also wanted to mention that for you that follow some of the YouTube channels out there like Lilith Dread and Donovan Dread, Hendy Woods didn't have any tales of Cryptids, Bigfoot, Dogman, or Mothman to share. Seems to be a safe place to camp so that you won't be scared, eaten, mauled, or abducted by any number of weird entities lurking in other parks.    

So that's it for Hendy Woods. Next month (if I can still walk) will be Hope Valley. Might get some fishing in there with the West Fork of the Carson River and Upper and Lower Blue Lakes. Maybe some kayaking too. 

Stay tuned.  

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  1. Mark---been falling behind lately on my blog comments; been busy with our daughter and Jason---and, of course, keeping our Grandaughter. for a week.
    Glad you all were able to make a camping trip work for you. You never know what one can find with a metal detector----could be some rare coins in that area.