Saturday, July 1, 2023

Cancelled Camping Trip

We scheduled a trip to Hope Valley Camp Ground the week of July 18th. 

My neighbor Rocky works for Pacific Gas & Electric and has the pleasure of flying up to that area every week in a helicopter. Bet that's fun. 

He keeps me informed as to the situation in the valley regarding snow, ice, etc. Last update was a small patch of water on Upper Blue Lake and larger patch of water on Lower Blue Lake. In my past experiences that would mean snow on the ground up to possibly 3 feet or so and impassable roads. 

OK, granted that means no kayaking. No fishing as you can't even get to the lakes. Snow on the road up to the lakes as the elevation of 8140 ft. and since we've had a s... load of snow this year it hasn't had a chance to melt yet. 

That brings me to Hope Valley Campground. Elevation 7300 ft. Not a whole lot lower than the lake and still patches of snow here and there. South Lake Tahoe is at the elevation of 6240 ft. and nightly temperatures in the low 40's. Hope Valley at 7300 would probably be high 30's. 

Our trailer is a winterized trailer. We have heating, A/C, and all the other goodies, but with the cold problem we experienced last Winter when I was sick, I just don't handle the cold very well. Besides why go up there and sit in the trailer?

So we cancelled this trip and will be going up to Upper Lake at the end of August. 

Stay tuned.     


  1. Certainly can't complain about no snowpack this year. I hope with all the warming elsewhere, I read the Earth had its warmest 3 or 4 days in a row on record recently, this helps keep things rivers flowing and reserviors filled (or at least not receding) through the rest of the summer.

  2. Mark
    You and I are in the same lane when it comes to cold weather. I use to be able to handle the cold but age has put a damper on me fishing in extremely cold weather now even here in the South. . Smart move not making the trip.