Friday, July 14, 2023

The Roasting Begins

The California State Fair started today. 

The norm for the fair is hot and deep fried. You can get just about anything deep fried there.

The temperatures estimated by the weather guessers is 100+ for all three days.  

Keep in mind that the fair at Cal Expo is on pavement. All that black tar is wonderful for making the temperature even hotter. 

So what are the expected temperatures? Today 101 degrees. Tomorrow (Saturday) 108 to 110 and Sunday 105 to 108. Just think how toasty it's going to be on that asphalt?  

Ready for breakfast? 

Check this out. This is what I was saying above. 

7 Second rule for your doggo. 

The greatest places to be are the coast (70's in San Francisco) or the mountains (mid 80's).

Here in beautiful downtown Jackson we're expecting 97 today, 108 tomorrow, and 109 on Sunday. 

Just a short heatwave. It'll be back in the mid 90's by Tuesday, but it'll be back in the 100's by Saturday the 22nd. Just the typical Sacramento Valley in the Summer. 

Thinking about heat reminds me that as a kid, I rarely wore shoes in the Summer. Keep in mind that my Summer life (as a kid) was spent at the beach. The main thoroughfare was between the fishing pier and the hamburger stand across the street. Used to be able to walk across that span. Boy did I had some tough feet. 

Stay cool and hydrated. I should be drinking water as I write this, but the call of Sun Tea is strong Obi Won. 

Next camping trip is Upper Lake at the end of August. I missed it last year as I was in the hospital that week, but I will be there for fishing, kayaking, magnet fishing, and metal detecting this year come hell or high water. 

Stay tuned.


  1. Mark
    Make that camping trip; you and I are at the age we better take advantage when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. I hope the heat has slowed by August for your trip. Humidity and heat are a killer here and will not get better until fall. Take care!

  2. The one thing that I liked about living in Sac town years ago was that you could get out of the heat in several directions. SF and Tahoe were our getaways! Stay cool, Mark. We only have a month or so left of this summer heat!!