Saturday, July 29, 2023

YouTube Channels

When I have spare time, I watch several channels on YouTube. There are a bunch out there and many of them are scary stories. 

I'll mention several in this story. 

The one I watch the most is Lighthouse Horror. I know they are all made up stories, but this channel has a good narrator and most of the stories are 20 to 30 minutes long so they don't take up a lot of time. 

Another one I like is Bedtime Stories. Again a good narrator and short stories. 

Then we have a couple of channels with the persons name as the channel. Specifically Donovan Dread and Lillith Dread. Don't know, but it'd be my guess a married couple. 

Lillith Dread posts stories about the Wolfman. Seems a lot of them occur in Yosemite National Park. In fact, most of them occur there. I know they are just stories because there can not be that many sightings in Yosemite and nobody has heard about them. I know because I live about 110 miles from the park. You would have heard something. 

Well let me tell you, I found the Wolfman. Yes I believe he's real, in fact I even have a photo of him. You can't contest the photo below. But I didn't find him in Yosemite, I found him at a basketball game. Go figure.  

So here's the photo in all his furry glory. 

Just as a side note, I also came across some merchandise from Yellowstone National Park. 

"Do not take selfies with the Fluffy Cows". They have all kinds of cool stuff on this site:

They also have merchandise saying: "Do not take selfies with the Teddy Bears" (Grizzlies). 

OK, one last thing, I also found several audio books by such authors like Stephen King and Clive Cussler a couple of my favorite authors. So if you're into audio books, here's some that you don't have to pay Audible for.

Ya'll stay safe out there. 


  1. Mark
    Amazing what individuals will dress up as at ballgames---to each his own---you, and I am a complete 360 when it comes to UTube---I am into the outdoor camping and fly fishing stuff---Xander Budnick---Lost Lakes---Scotty Gone Walkabout---Hardman Fishing----All these guys make me wish I was young again and doing the same thing they are doing now!

  2. Hi, Mark. Here is my link to my blog if you are interested in adding to your list.