Monday, August 28, 2023

Upper Lake a 5 Day Trip

 Arrived at the lake about 2:30 pm yesterday. Got checked in and went to our site. 

Our Site

Stopped for a second to take in the beauty of the lake. 

The kids didn't come. 

Went about setting up the trailer. Me being a gimp and all, my wife helps with the set up. She set up the lift blocks for leveling and the chocks so the trailer didn't roll back into the water. I unhooked the trailer. While I was hooking up the electric and water, my wife was putting down the levelers. We use a battery powered drill rather than the manual crank method. 

Apparently one was real tight and as she put power to it to roll it down, it backfired and smacked her on the lower arm. She waited an hour or so to see if it was going to stop hurting like a mother.... It didn't, so I convinced her to let me take her to the emergency room. Yes, ladies and gentlemen two hours later, it was broken. She was given a temporary cast and some pain meds. Due to having to return home to make arrangements for a permanent cast we packed up this morning and hit the road.
Didn't do any of this.

Didn't get the kayaks in the water, didn't do any magnet fishing, didn't do any metal detecting, barely got any sleep on top of 5 hours Saturday night. 

Didn't even get to see the sunset. That is just wrong.

A five day trip turned out to be one day. 

All in all, not a very good trip.