Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Another Garden In The Books

I usually wait until the first freeze to do away with the garden, but this year I'm a little early. Not because we've had a freeze, but with my wife's broken arm we can't do anything with the vegetables like freezing or canning as we usually do. 

As you can see in the photo's below, the garden was very healthy. 

We managed to eat all the green onions. Ate most of the carrots and froze the rest. We have one of those Food Savers. Blanch the carrots, suck the air out and freeze them. Good for almost a year. 

Remember the onions I planted last fall? We ate all but one and it's still growing. Only thing left alive in the garden. Egg Plant, ate them until I started to look like an Egg Plant. Sent two batches (about 10 per batch) home with my son. You can only eat so much. 

Cucumbers, bombed. Don't think we got more than about a dozen from 4 plants. The beans bombed too. We planted 6 plants. They grew, had a few beans and fell over. Became too much of a problem to pick. Got rid of them early in the Summer. 

Peppers. We had JalapeƱos (2500 to 8000 Scoville) which my wife pickled and canned with some carrots and onions. That was before the broken arm. Sent some home with my son, threw out a bunch. Then there was the Habanero's (100,000 to 350,000 Scoville). Got the plant in error. The tray at Lowes said Jalapeno and the plant was Habanero. Way, way, way too hot for us weenies. Same thing with the Spicy Jane (30,000 + Scoville). Lastly we have the mystery pepper. We purchased a Poblano, but what we got was not a Poblano. Poblano's are a long (about 6 to 8 inches), but these were small maybe 3 inches and curly. In pepper world, small is mighty. There was no way we were going to even try one of these.    

Last but not least were the tomatoes. In the top picture, front on the right side was one called Cherokee Purple. Got about a half dozen. I think the place it was planted was the problem. Not enough sun. Behind that was the Sun Sugar Cherry Tomato. That plant went berserk. I'm guessing a couple hundred tomatoes. Left side (same photo) front was the Summer Sandwich Tomato. Got a bunch off it (including the very last tomato from the garden). Great for a slice on a turkey or chicken sandwich. The last tomato was the Roma. Made Salsa and sent a bunch home with my son. He got carrots and onions too. He also got a jar of pickled Jalapeno's.  

These two photos were taken this morning. Planters empty until later this week when I start planting the onion sets for next year. I bought sweet yellow (25) of which I'll plant 15 and give the other 10 to my son. I also bought a mixture (yellow, white, and purple 40 total) of which I'll plant  20 and send the other 20 home with my son. I'll make a farmer out of him, yet. Get him away from eating those In-N-Out burgers. 

Covid is on the rise. Time to get shot. Covid, Flu, and if you're a Geezer like me, RSV.

Stay safe.  


  1. Glad you all had a successful planting season, especially the tomatoes which were my main plant, had a bunch of orka. The blackbirds got into my tomatoes and ruined some. So I enclosed all the plants inside a wire cage, which solved the problem.
    Just curious , do you give any of the vegetables to any of your neighbors? This year was a learning year for me.

    1. I've tried to give the neighbors veges, but all they take (usually) is a couple of this or a couple of that when I have hordes. I give a lot to my son. His garden has different veges than I grow so it works out good for both.