Monday, November 6, 2023


 Hah, thought that would get your attention.  

As soon as Lake Camanche starts stocking again and it should be soon, I'm there. I'm going fishing this year come hell or high water. 

Granted, I'm moving with a walker now. I can't use the cane very much as my balance is not very good. So if you're out at Camanche North Shore and you see an old Geezer moving around with a walker, that's probably me. But I am going fishing this year. 

In the past I've talked about my genealogy research and the fact that my great grandfather was somewhat of a ghost, well I've got some information that just might fill in a few of the holes. 

My great grandfather was Gottlieb Kautz. No body back then only had one name. That's all we've known since I started this 7 years ago. I created two family trees on One is a tree directly from me. One is a tree directly from my DNA. I've not been able to connect them. 

I came across a family tree that listed one Gottlieb Martin Kautz (dob 1830) as having two wives. one was Wilhelmine Rother and the other was Louise Auguste Albrecht. Whoa!!! Louise was my great grandmother. Only a notation although. One other note I got was that Louise was listed as having one son by Gottlieb Martin. The son's name was Michal. Anybody want to guess who Michal was? My grandfather. Still no documentation though. If and only if I can find some documentation to verify the above, that will finally connect my two trees and list over 10,000 ancestors. 

I've been contacted by a Peter Kautz from Germany who is the great grandson of Gottlieb Martin and I sent him a photo we had with our Gottlieb's picture. Haven't heard back whether it's a match or not. Gotta admit I'm pretty excited. 

We believe the old guy to the left of the woman is Gottlieb as we know for sure that the man in the back middle is my great-uncle Christoph. 

 Anyway, the next post should be about fishing. 

Stay Tuned.

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  1. Hi Mark
    Most of my fishing is over for this year. I may fish the tailrace, but the lake is out. I hope to find another willing soul to fish with me on Tuesdays next year. My Thursday guy is in place.
    I am looking forward to a report on the Lake Camanche trip; keep fishing as long as you can.
    I have finished my Ancestry research. I can verify everything from 1800 on. Someone in our family will have to travel to the Virginia and South Carolina courthouses to complete the research before 1800. Jason says he will continue it after he retires one day when he has the time to travel to both states. I'm glad I completed my part, which is in book form. At least it motivates future generations to add to the book one day. Take care